Christian Fiction author and motivational speaker Emily Paige Skeen

Emily Paige Skeen writes Christian fiction with a southern flair. Writing has always been Skeen's passion—ever since she crafted her first sloppily hand-written tale at the emotionally fragile age of thirteen. When she felt God calling her to turn this hobby into a ministry later in life, she jumped at the chance.

When she's not dreaming up stories or chasing after her youngsters, Skeen helps fellow "mamapreneurs" (and other businesses) get found online through her content writing and editing services. Currently, she serves as the Chief Editor for a successful marketing agency based in New York.

Whatever the avenue, Skeen strives to encourage and inspire readers, especially fellow mamas. She believes motherhood is simultaneously a beautiful, magical, frustrating, sad, and amazing part of life. A part of life she wants to share with you.

Skeen, her husband, and their two kids make their home in a small Georgia town where hay fields and cow pastures outnumber storefronts. And she wouldn't have it any other way. 

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Ah, motherhood. It's tough, right?! Keeping the house clean and the laundry done, starting a home business (or climbing the corporate ladder if that's your thing), scheduling doctors' appointments, keeping the pantry and fridge stocked...all this and more while trying to *somehow* spend quality time with your husband and kids. 

No one really knows the struggles motherhood can bring until she becomes a mama herself. We may joke with our friends about the challenges we face, but the ugly truth is that these challenges can sometimes overwhelm us to the point of depression, anxiety...even rage.

The ugly truth is that these challenges can sometimes outweigh all the beauty of motherhood.  

That's the inspiration behind the blog on this site: to encourage moms to lead happy, fulfilled, peaceful lives. Being a mother is an amazing experience, but all too often, the daily struggles can make you wonder if you're doing anything right at all.

Whether you're in the midst of the sleep-deprived baby and toddler years or you're dealing with know-it-all teenagers, it's so important not to neglect yourself! Invest time in growing your faith, taking care of your body, and doing the things you enjoyed before you became "Mama."

Those things can by tiny and inconsequential - like taking a bubble bath and reading a good book - or they can be as major as chasing a long-lost career dream. Whatever it is, going after it doesn't make you selfish. It makes you happy, and you'll be a better mother for it. 


What You'll Find On The Blog

Easy dinner recipes that save your sanity during the "witching hour," inspirational posts that dive into the depths of your struggles, books that let you escape and unwind at the end of a long day, and everything in-between - it all serves one purpose on this blog: to help you experience true joy in the chaos of motherhood.

And hopefully, you can then turn around and pour that joy into your family, giving them the happiest version of you.